Have Passion about your Speaking Topic!

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I watched a professional presenter not too long ago and was surprised that with all his experience, he still wasn’t really present on stage. Oh, he had a sharp new suit, shiny shoes, and the well-rehearsed canned speech with the obligatory powerpoint. There were no “um’s” , or fiddling around with his power point clicker… but, what was missing was his ability to look out at his audience and really see them, to interact, to share a passion for a topic that met the needs of the group. I could sense his audience losing interest as he went on in his attempt at being “authentic” and trying to look like the expert.

Believe me, people feel and know when your body and words don’t match up! When you have to convince the audience with words of your greatness and talent, they will not believe you. As a speaker, it’s important to have a message that is so near and dear to your heart that you can’t “not” talk about it.  When you are so filled with passion about your topic, that you feel called to speak, you get a burst of great energy and a feeling like nothing can stop you, even those crazy nerves can’t stop you. You are on a mission to share your passion. It won’t be a canned presentation. It will be authentic.

Greatness in speakers shows up in a mix of great content, with the audience in mind, delivered with passion and authenticity connecting with the audience and in your own personal style. Be you!

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