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Sally is presenting to a group on "Leaping Over Fear and Anxiety to Maximize Your Potential"

When you begin to make positive inner changes your outer world becomes more congruent with who you are, anxiety and fear lessen and you become more confident, present and able to make the changes at last. Sally's mission, as a professional speaker, trainer and coach, is to inspire, educate and partner with you, to uncover what subconsciously blocks you from reaching your full potential in business and life!

                       Who is SallyB?

 "Your Coach for Powerhouse Presentations - formula free!"     

 Sally has been a speaker/presenter for many years, focusing on topics such as “Public Speaking”, “Music for Wellness”, “The Voice as a Tool for Healing Emotional Wounds”, “Overcoming Performance Anxiety” and “Music - Psychotherapy”. She has presented workshops, seminars and webinars for PESI, Speigel Academy Online, Music Therapy Conferences, Colorado Play Therapy Conferences, Internal Family Systems Conferences, Leadership programs and others on a national level, recently completing a speaking tour through Minnesota and New York on “Integrating Music into Psychotherapy”.

Besides Sally's love for public speaking, she has been in Private Practice as a Board Certified Music Therapist and Licensed Professional Counselor for 14+ years, helping clients with anxiety, depression, major trauma and more.  Having specialized in working with anxiety as a therapist, she is highly qualified to guide people though the journey of overcoming performance anxiety. Sally is also the author of several books, “Speak with Confidence and Ease”, “How to Create and Present Top Notch Presentations...from lift off!”, “Conscious Performing...from Fear to Freedom” and “Music and Psychotherapy, a Winning Combination”.

As a writer/speaker, Sally is always eager to step onto the stage and share her passion for “formula free speaking”.  SallyB's "formula free" speaking, encourages presenters to let go of “trying” to be a great speaker and instead guides them to sense into the needs of the audience throughout the presentation and deliver a message that is well thought out, delivered intuitively and creatively in the moment - making that all important authentic connection with the audience.


SallyB's Blog!

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